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Team training and individual training by certified personal trainers at Game Ready Fitness

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Force Volleyball Club is pleased to be partnered with Game Ready Fitness.  GRF is a Youth Development Program aims to provide positive leadership to youth in the community. Young athletes are teamed with Professional and Olympic Athletes to provide them with encouragement and superior athletic training; doing so helps them build a strong mind and body by providing confidence and strength.  Game Ready Fitness provides an elite training facility, certified trainers and professional athletes and holistic, sport-specific training for athletes of all ages.  Younger athletes begin with dry land training, using body-weight only exercises to develop speed, overall strength and agility.  Athletes then advance/’graduate’ into sport-specific strength training programs which develop muscular strength, endurance, plyometrics for vertical training and advanced speed and agility training.


At present, may of our club athletes already participate in training sessions at GRF, including Pacific Academy’s own senior girls volleyball team. As coach of the team, I can attest firsthand to the benefit of training and the immense improvement it has made in my players.  My athletes are stronger, have increased their vertical jump in some cases by 2-4 inches over the last 6 months of training, have improved in both speed and endurance on the court.   In addition, GRF promotes character, leadership and teaches athletes to be good people, not just athletes. The girls have an amazing time during their sessions and doing it as a team has been even more meaningful.- Stacey Stang, Head Coach, Pacific Academy Breakers